Roof Repairs in Chelmsford

Roofs are, by nature, extremely durable and long lasting. This means if there is any hint of a problem, it’s important to get your fitting checked immediately to avoid potential long lasting damage or high costs in the future.

Particularly true after extreme weather, we always advise vigilance after wind, rain or high rainfall – unfortunately conditions that are all too common in Chelmsford and the rest of the UK!

And, of course, if there seem to be any damp patches or leaks in your ceilings or walls, we advise calling our team.

Roof Repair Teams in Chelmsford

With emergency roof repair teams available 24/7 365 days a year, one of our expert technicians can be on the phone or at your home ready to offer advice or make effective, long-lasting roof repairs. After 20 years in business, we have yet to face a problem we can’t fix.

We never rush our roof repair jobs – we take a thorough analysis of the site and offer honest and upfront advice. We want to ensure all our work is necessary, cost effective and long lasting.

In searching for the source of a leak, we use the latest technology and the very best equipment to search for cracks or gaps at upstands, loose flashings and previously faulty repairs made with paint or tape. As well as closely examining any junction in your roof – roof lights, projecting pipes or seams that could also cause a potential leak or dampness. And of course, it could be as simple as that your gutters are needing a well overdue cleaning.

Whatever the cause, we will be totally honest, providing pictures and explaining fully the problem(s). Then we will start fixing – working quickly to avoid any long-term damage and precisely to ensure our solution is long lasting.

We only leave when you feel comfortable that your roof is repaired and your property completely secure again.

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your roofing requirements in more detail or arrange an appointment.